Wing & Kiteboard Aitutaki

Aitutaki’s longest running Wing & Kiteboarding Centre
Aitutaki lagoon, Cook Islands, South Pacific

A Wing foil & kiteboard paradise

The Aitutaki lagoon has crystal clear warm water, steady winds and is a perfect spot for all wind sports.

The Honeymoon Island sandbar provides an especially easy and safe environment to learn kitesurfing that also caters for kiteboarders looking to improve their aerial skills.

Aitutaki is a Wing Foil and kiteboard paradise.  We offer comprehensive coaching at all levels for both of these awesome sports. 

Watch this video about our kiteboarding school in Aitutaki, Cook Island


Aitutaki Kite & Wing School is open all year round

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Kiteboarding school

The kite school follows the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) method of teaching.

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Equipment Hire

Aitutaki Kite School has variety of kites and boards for lessons and hire. Harnesses, helmets and buoyancy aids.

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Boat Transfers

Transfers between Aitutaki and Honeymoon Island run seven days a week.

Our Inside Pictures

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Kiteboarding in the lagoon
Kiteboarding in the lagoon

What Our Customers Say

We take pride in serving our guests with the best experience. Read what they say on Tripadvisor

"Mike's team of Bryn, Jack and Pauro were fully focused on teaching and looking after me and the whole boat load of kite boarders with them. Safety is 100 percent, guidance is clear and progression is inevitable in this untouched paradise."
Alex from Auckland, NZ
Professional care and instruction in the heart of paradise
"Mike and his team are amazing people! We went out with them 9 days (out of our 11) and we could not ask for a better crew. We did not have to take lessons but they did advise us nevertheless. We had some friends who took lessons though and I’d never seen anybody getting up and riding so quickly! That’s both because of the great instructors they have and because this is probably the best and safest spot in the world to pick up this sport! We had an amazing time! These are such good, honest and genuine people!"
Svgaby from San Francisco, CA
Kiteboarding in Paradise
"I had heard that the best place to learn kiteboarding was Mike's school in Aitutaki. Five of us gave it a go and we all had a blast - spending a few days on honeymoon island and relaxing in the hammocks when we weren't in the water. The instructors were very patient and it was a brilliant location. Can't recommend highly enough."
Maria from Wellington, NZ
Brilliant place to learn!
"We had three perfect days of wind in Aitutaki. The place is paradise. Mike is humble and honest and he helped us out greatly while we were on the island both with local knowledge and kite mending skills. He escorted us to Honeymoon island for three days of unforgettable kitesurfing. Brin taught my girlfriend with expertise and she was quickly getting up and riding. Mike and his crew will look after you and i highly recommend getting in contact with him when you’re on the island. We had an unforgettable experience."
Benjamin South from Ringwood, UK
Lucked out

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