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Aitutaki Kite School is the only locally owned IKO Kiteboarding School in Aitutaki.

We are a world leading company specialising in Kitesurf Holidays and Kitesurf instruction.

Aitutaki Kite School operates a Kiteboarding Centre and School in the Aitutaki lagoon, Cook Islands.

The Aitutaki lagoon is a kiteboarder's paradise with crystal clear warm water, steady winds and is a perfect spot for all kiteboarding skill levels.

The Honeymoon Island sandbar provides an especially easy and safe environment to learn kitesurfing that also caters for kiteboarders looking to improve their aerial skills.

The best kiteboarding in Aitutaki requires boat transfers out to the sandbars 'Honeymoon' and 'One Foot'.

Aitutaki Kite School arranges boat transfers, Kitesurf lessons, safety and storage packages, and rentals to the kiteboarding public.

The Cook Islands receive Trade Winds from May-Oct, ranging from 15-30kts. In addition to the trade winds Aitutaki benefits from passing Low Pressure Systems in the tropical belt.
On the rare occasion there is not enough wind Aitutaki also offers very good Diving and Fishing.

The kiteboarding centre provides kiteboarding lessons and instruction from qualified IKO instructors from beginner to advanced levels.

We have a dedicated support boat.

Equipment hire is also available; we carry Ozone, North, Naish, Epic and Wainman kites and Underground boards.

We believe this is one of the best kiteboarding locations in the world for a kite school and the best conditions for kitesurf lessons anywhere!

Package Holidays

Package Kiteboarding Holiday Aitutaki Kiteboarding Tours

Brian from Aitutaki Kiteboarding Tours runs the very popular 10 to 13 day kitesurf holidays to Aitutaki.
A combination of kiteboardingĀ  and tropical relaxation...

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learn to kite Learn to Kitesurf

Learn to Kitesurf in the most suitable conditions- making kiteboarding easy..

On Island Services

Package Kiteboarding Holiday On Island Services

We supply kitesurf lessons, boat transfers and safety packages to independent island arrivals...

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