Aitutaki Kite School offer the following services:

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Boat Transfers to Honeymoon Island

Transfers between Aitutaki and Honeymoon Island run seven days a week.

The boat ride takes 20 minutes, the ride across the lagoon is spectacular.

The price is $35 return per person.

Spectators welcome at $25 return per person.

The boats depart between 8.30-10.00am
The boats return between 4.00-5.30pm

Kiteboarding School

The kite school follows the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) method of teaching.

There are three levels of attainment under this teaching system.

Level 1 IKO- Discovery Kiteboarder Programme; theory and safety of two-line and four line kites.
Setup and Fly four line kites to the water re-launch stage.

Level 2 IKO- Intermediate Kiteboard Programme; advanced flying skills, body dragging, self rescue, one handed flying, water start.

Level 3 IKO- Independent Kiteboarder Programme; riding both ways, upwind riding, basic jumping, board recovery and transitions.

Introductory day...want to get your feet wet NZ$195

Try our introductory to kite boarding, includes transfers, all your gear and instruction.
You will get up to the point of flying the kite in the water and doing body dragging... very cool.
This kiteboarding lesson will surely give you enough of an idea of whether you want to pursue the sport or not.

The beginner's course includes IKO levels 1 & 2 for NZ$695
(average person should allow three days to complete levels 1 & 2)

This includes: Instruction by an IKO instructor, transfers to the kiteboarding center and back, all equipment needed for the kite lessons, use of the center and safety boat until the course is completed. Instructor student ratio is maximum two students per instructor.

Instruction of level 3 IKO NZ$250
Three hours - this can be a morning or afternoon session and includes boat transfers, safety boat and IKO instructor, group prices are by negotiation.

It usually takes about ten hours of instruction and five hours of practice on your own to become an independent kitesurfer.

BBQ Lunch available $15 per person

Kitesurf Centre

The centre is located on Honeymoon Island.

From the jetty in front of the The Reef Motel, our boat drops you in kiteboarding heaven for each day of pure kitesurfing.

Honeymoon Island, a sandbar over a kilometre long, faces the easterly trade winds.
This means massive areas of flat water all for us.
Whether it’s learning your newest unhooked move or understanding how to stay upwind, shallow water with smooth wind is going to advance your riding more than anything else.

This is what we provide; the best progression area you can find anywhere. 

Equipment Hire

Aitutaki Kite School has variety of kites and boards for lessons and hire.

Harnesses, helmets and buoyancy aids.

Our Services on Aitutaki

  • Boat Transfers to Sandbars
  • Kitesurf School
  • Kite Centre and Rentals
  • Gear pick up and drop off at the beginning and end of your time
  • Snorkelling trips on no-wind days

No-wind options include: diving, snorkelling, fishing, famous truck tour, the markets, island tours, chilling

Wind Stats

Situated near the edge of the trade wind belt the Cook Islands receives more than its share of the Easterly Trade winds.

The El Nino and La Nina pacific temperature fluctuations have an effect on the strength of these winds.

Check out NOAA

  • In 2008 we had 80% windy days
  • IN 2009 we had 70% windy days
  • In 2010 we had 70 % windy days
  • In 2011 we had 65% windy days
  • In 2012 we had 77% windy days

Open all Year Round

The Kite School and Centre operates throughout the year

Aitutaki Kite School

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