Kiteboarding School

Kiteboarding school

The kite school follows the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) method of teaching. There are three levels of attainment under this teaching system.

Level 1 IKO

Discovery Kiteboarder Programme; theory and safety of two-line and four line kites. Setup and Fly four line kites to the water re-launch stage.

Level 2 IKO

Intermediate Kiteboard Programme; advanced flying skills, body dragging, self rescue, one handed flying, water start.

Level 3 IKO

Independent Kiteboarder Programme; riding both ways, upwind riding, basic jumping, board recovery and transitions.



Introductory day

Get your feet wet NZ$250

Includes transfers, all your gear and instruction

You will get up to the point of flying the kite in the water and doing body dragging… very cool.
This kiteboarding lesson will surely give you enough of an idea of whether you want to pursue the sport or not.

BBQ Lunch available $20 per person

It usually takes about ten hours of instruction and five hours of practice on your own to become an independent kitesurfer.

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Beginners course

Level 1 and 2 - $750 per person

Instruction by an IKO instructor, transfers to the kiteboarding center and back, all equipment needed for the kite lessons, use of the center and safety boat until the course is completed. Instructor student ratio is maximum two students per instructor.

The beginner’s course includes IKO levels 1 & 2

An average person should allow three days to complete levels 1 & 2

Three hours – $250

this can be a morning or afternoon session and includes boat transfers, safety boat and IKO instructor, group prices are by negotiation.

Winging foiling kite surf Aitutaki

Wing Lessons

$400 for 3 hours

Includes transfers, all your gear and instruction

Wing foiling is a combination of SUP and Surf foiling powered by the wind. It is easier to set up and usually safer than kite foiling.

BBQ Lunch available $20 per person


Kite Foiling Lessons

$250 for 3 hours

Includes transfers, all your gear and instruction

Learn kiteboarding with the addition of a hydrofoil under the board. The foil allows you to kite along above the surface of the water.

BBQ Lunch available $20 per person

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